Dental Assistant Courses Offered

Entry-Level Dental Assistant Program

The 12-week Entry Level Dental Assistant Program will provide dental assistance training to students as a path to enter the dental profession. Royal Dental Academy realizes that some people learn better with a hands-on training approach rather than an educational lecture approach, therefore Royal Dental Academy has developed a dental assistant training curriculum for this type of learner.

This 12-week entry-level dental assistant training program teaches students the knowledge and professionalism it takes to be a part of the dental workforce in this exciting field of healthcare. This program allows interested students to gain the basic knowledge and skills of entry-level dental assistance, to offer chair-side assistance to the dentist, expose dental radiographs (including intake work), prepare the patient for an examination or treatment, perform laboratory work, and maintain a record of the patient.

After successfully completing the program, Royal Dental Academy will provide each student with their Expanded Functions Dental Assistant Certification, Radiology Certification and CPR Certification (optional). Program Description: Dental Sciences, Preventive Dentistry, Dental Materials I and Dental Materials II, Chair-side Assisting I and Chair-side Assisting II, Dental Anatomy, Dental Radiology, Clinical Education, Dental Administration Procedures, Special Functions, Lab Clinical Externship, CPR. This program is offered during the day, evening and Saturday. Students must pass an exam with a grade of 75% or better to be issued a Dental Radiology Certification.

Entry-Level Dental Assistant Program
Expanded Function Dental Asst. (EFDA)

Expanded Function Dental Asst. (EFDA)

This course is for experienced Dental Assistants, who have worked with a licensed dentist for a minimum of 3 months. What you need to know: Dental charts, Dental X-ray techniques (includes radiological safety certificates and dental radiation technique), Dental Materials (Fillings & Impressions), Preventive dentistry, Dental Anatomy and Physiology, Sterilization and infection control, Instrumentation (4-hand dentistry), Clinical Procedures. We have options of a schedule that works for you, offering morning and evening classes for weekdays or weekends. Students must pass an exam with a grade of 75% or better to be issued a Dental Radiology Certification.

Dental Radiology

This 8-hour Dental Radiology Certification Course is for Dental Assistants who have completed a specific training program approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry, with at least 3 months of continuous on-the-job training. Students in the Dental Radiology Certification Course must be able to Assemble X-Ray Rinns, take digital dental X-Rays and mount an FMX in a clinical setting. This course consists the following training: Foundations of Radiography, Radiographic Equipment, and Radiation Safety. Digital Imaging, Intraoral Imaging, Extraoral Imaging, Quality Assurance and Infection Prevention. Students must pass an exam with a grade of 75% or better to be issued a Dental Radiology Certification.

Dental Radiology
Orthodontic Training

Orthodontic Training Workshop

Orthodontic Dental Assistant Workshop

– Designed to give the basic knowledge & skills to become an Entry-Level Orthodontic Dental Assistant

– Provides expanded training for Dental Assistants

– 4 Week Course

Provisional Crowns & Bridges

This course is for the dental assistants that would like additional training/practice on fabricating temporary crowns and bridges, as well as, work on the anatomy, contact and margins of the temporary, and filling in any voids. The instructor will help each student refine their training. The course is 8 hours all hands-on practice, utilizing different materials. This Refresher Course will focus on: Preliminary Alginate/VPS Impressions Fabricate a Posterior Temporary Crown Fabricate an Anterior Temporary Crown Fabricate (3-Unit and/or 6-Unit), Posterior or Anterior Temporary Bridge Focus on Anatomy, Contacts and Margin Fillings in Voids and Adding to Margins. All materials needed for this Refresher Course will be provided by the academy.

Provisional Crowns & Bridges

CPR Course

CPR is a procedure that can save a person’s life if their heart stops working. It combines chest compressions and breaths that help keep blood flowing to the person’s brain and other vital organs. Having someone trained in CPR can help dental staff save a patient’s life when someone is gasping, choking or going into sudden cardiac arrest.
Every staff member should be up to date on CPR requirements for dental offices and know how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED). To become certified in CPR, a person can take a CPR certification class from the American Healthcare Academy and pass the exam. This class teaches proper techniques for giving chest compressions and breaths, and how to use an AED.
Dental office staff members who are certified in CPR must also recertify every two years to ensure they are still trained and can perform the procedure correctly. This is to ensure that everybody who works in the dental office knows how to help patients if they have an emergency.


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